Something To Hold On To

by Twinkle Park

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Everyone's got their something, ghosts or space or a theoretical love. I know I've got mine, (I know I've got mine) the graceful way you say I carry myself when I walk with you.

Well I'm so cute it's despicable not that anyone would know, since everyone has more eyes on them than me. It's not like I'm complaining, it's just been on my mind. I swear, it's always on my mind.

I wish I could be cool enough to smoke. I wish I had a heart big enough to forgive. It's totally fine, it's fine, yeah, it's fine 'cus I'm still the shit.

How many times will I talk about hearts or ghosts in my songs? My vision whites out if I stand up too fast.

But all that I want is some quiet conversation, so can we please turn it down from an eight to a three, so I can focus on feeling sorry for myself and everyone else here? Christ.

How many times did I come out to myself before it stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck? And how many more did I avoid? I never want to believe how I feel until I'm half-dead. It’s much easier to stay here in my bed.


released October 15, 2018
Album art by Leirin:
Mastered by Tim Lindsay
Additional vocals by Alyssa, Tim, Nicky, & Rodrigo.


all rights reserved


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